The Diagram

(Jose) The learning organization is an idea based on the business world from where the school only takes the good elements and uses them for learning, instead of working for money or competitiveness,  the objective is learning. The idea is structured by their agents and systematically coordinated in structures.

(Cristina) The structures of coordination are very related to Complexity theory:
Teaching and learning depend on the organization and relationships between the teachers. The knowledge will emerge from these connections to improve the contents. Within these interconnections of levels knowledge emerges, as well as within their participants (teachers, students, families…), as long as they work all together efficiently, sharing and exchanging knowledge, experiences, research…

(Jose) all of it depends on The context learning: depending on the school,  the circumstances, and the culture which  is created by those agents at the same time. the encouragement of the teachers would change If they feel like a group or work individually.

(Cristina) If they act like a group  the Emerging knowledge appears through connections: From the relationships among teachers a different knowledge will emerge. Within the schools, there are different levels, through which knowledge emerges, but all the levels must be connected and cooperate to work efficiently, if not, new knowledge is unlikely to emerge. At the same time, connections between teachers and students, within the learning context, beyond the class (digital age), when learning it's important to create, share, develop, and discuss new ideas and knowledge.

(Jose)  Yes, because discussion it’s all  about balancing randomness and deterministic order: Some teachers want to work in a traditional way and others don't, it is about that interaction that randomness overweight deterministic and vice versa,  but  the complete coordination among individuals can't exist in the reality.

Connections within the Learning Context  and complexity theory
(Cristina) Take into account that we said before about the importance of the connection among the  levels from the top (the headteacher) until the bottom (students) and how they influence in the learning process. Individuals are able to connect ideas, thoughts, or perspectives (individual or collective) in order to create new knowledge. So that schools can learn, they must adapt to their context changes and requirements. In “School that learnsa specific knowledge emerges due to the connection among teachers and the accumulation of their knowledge and experiences.

(Jose) We have to Thank experiences  because individuals can learn how to manage those experiences to use them in the best possible way to create new knowledge, solve problems and create creative solutions among them. Like the learning organization tell us.
So, those are some of the connections we found and we are able to present in this five minutes.
Thanks for your attention.


  1. hii! we are from the juncharees group and we would tell you that we are very happy to listen to your performance today in the classroom.it was very clarifying and useful apart from the funny performance of the stars.i would congratulate the whole group that made the stars shining today!!!
    keep being like this:good,smart and funny!!!

    1. Thank you for your comment, see you in class!!