Friday, April 8


Hi everyone! Pablo here.

This week I'm the analyst of FH so I'm going the make the reflection of how the group did during this week. First of all, for me this is the most difficult role because I don't really know what to write about, but I'll do my best.

This week's task was about recap. We had to make a 2 minutes video about what we had learn through the seven weeks of this subject.

In my opinion, the best part was the day of the presentation because this week we made a contest to know what video was the best, and it was kind of funny and original. With the contest in our minds, we worked really hard and we tried our best. Despite not winning we had great fun doing it. The worst part was the editing of the video. As usual, we only had two days to do the task, so we already had this handicap, but  making a video in that short period of time complicates it even more! We spent basically all Tuesday making and editing the video. We had some difficulties with the app and also in the day of presentation the audio in the speakers of the class was awful, so the first impression of our video was bad.

From my point of view, this task was very necessary, because thanks to it we could see how much we know about this subject, so we could know how we were going. For me, this task got me thinking about how my situation was going, and I started to reconsider that I needed to pay more attention and work in a better way. Regarding to the contest part, it helped us to do our best, as well as giving us some different activity, as presentation after presentation becomes somehow boring.

Going back to the group, I think we are working better than at the beginning. We are starting to connect as a real group, and we are also getting to know each other better. That's the main reason why the group is working better. Nevertheless, there are always some discussions, but we established a "democracy" system when we have to make a decision so we accelerate the work and we don't get stuck. I'm sure there a lot of things we could improve, but the only thing I can think of is the execution of the work. Once we decide and divide the work among the group, some of us take more time to start working because we get distracted with other things, and this can slow the group down.

In relation to the task, maybe it could be related with some parts of the subject Developmental Psychology, because when we recapped all the things we knew in School Organization, we were using the long-term memory, something that we learned in Developmental Psychology.

All in all, if we continue working in this way and if we try to correct some mistakes, the progression of the group is going to grow way more.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find it interesting!!

Pablo García.


Hello, I’m Anthony, this week’s translator for Frisky Hedgehogs. Our Task 5 was a throwback to our previous tasks, so I’ve selected what I consider the most important word (or words) from each one:

Task 1 – TPACK
Content knowledge: the knowledge that teachers have about their subject.
Pedagogical knowledge: knowing the processes, methodologies and psychology of teaching and learning.
Technological knowledge: the information about technology focused to the work and everyday life either for both teacher and student.

Media Distortion: giving false information about a topic depending on the interest of a specific mass media or person. In that information the reality is not showed as it is, but is changed to cheat the receptor into thinking something that isn’t real.

Creative Common Licenses: is a non-profit organization founded in 2001. It is led by different professionals. Creative Common Licenses make it possible to share, use, or edit materials for free without having to worry about legal problems, as long as you follow the instructions and give proper credit when needed.

Broken Market: we say the market is broken because:
1. Students (final consumers) do not choose the product.
2. The product is chosen by an educational institution.
3. The product is paid by parents of students.
The consequence is that textbooks are too expensive and their quality is bad.

That's all for this week !


Hi everyone, I am  Fran and this week I had been the facilitator.

This week we didn't have to work on a new topic. Instead, we had to summarize what we had learnt the previous weeks. This means, not the things Linda has taught us, but what we have LEARNT.
The job of this week consisted in summarizing what we consider that we have learnt in a 2' video.

At first we had to decide what to include, because the video had an specific duration, but it wasn't very difficult to reach an agreement, as we considered the same points to be important.

The problems appeared once we started making the video because we didn't know how to use properly the application to create the video. But when we started working we were suprised by all the posibilites the application offered us. We spent the whole evening creating the video and at the end we were proud of the result.

The problem was that the day of the presentation we compared our video with others and we saw how amazing  some of them were. This made us think that our video was not at the same level as other but also give us more reason to try to improve future works and not to relax.

Thursday, April 7


Hi guys! I'm Edu Gálvez and this week my role is "curator-farmer". For this task, we have only used a tool to create a video that summarize what we have learnt last weeks:

Moovly -

Until next time! ;)


 The team was working hard Monday and Tuesday to get the best summarising video ever. The result was not so good as we had in our minds although our classmates were quite kind in their punctuations. Our first idea was to create a travel inside the student brain as a visit to the learned contents and tools related to the subject. We found a brain image to start the video and then we looked for a vehicle to show the journey. The rocket seemed perfect for that. We tried to get the speed effect and we achieved it by moving the background (in this case, the stars). We found a background which could looked as a brain, a circle pattern mixed with other image. Then we introduced the characters and objects which could help to show the topics we have studied. 

Before all of that, we made an structure of the text we wanted to use to explain the sum up of the last weeks. Finally it was too long and we had to cut some parts. We did not have a microphone there so we used the phone. What a surprise when we realized that it could not be listened properly in class. We could do it finally, with a laptop. We used moovly as the support for our video because it was more professional but we could see great videos from our classmates made in powtoons as well. 

The contest was very exciting, it was fun and we remembered all the issues we had learned in the subject. Our mark was just a 5, and I found it very fair because the other groups made really good videos. Especially Tuttifruttis, who had almost all the tops. But this is not finish, the mark of our classmates is just a little part of the final mark. So, we will see in a close future...

This was the comment I let to my classmates "The Tuttifruttis":

And this was an education blog that I found really interesting: LEOXICON BLOG

Wednesday, April 6


Hi everyone!

I´m Pepi and this week I have the Star role! Well, to say the truth, I have not performed like the Star, Moovly has! This week we had to make a review of all the contents that we had learnt during these weeks before Easter holidays and present it on a tool such as Moovly, that was which we used.

As a Star, I only had to present the video in front of my classmates today. All was well until this moment, I got quite nervous, even more when I pressed the button to make the video starts and it could not be heard, so it was embarrasing and disappointing. Finally and although the audio problems, we had quite good mark from our classmates!Thanks guys!

And that was all, I hope for the next time I have to performance Star role could be different and write more about the experience!

Next week more!
All my love